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Hundertwasser House

The Hundertwasser House is an apartment building in the Landstraße district of Vienna, which is popular for its unusual appearance. The house is covered in greenery, has uneven lines and a façade decorated with bright colours. Each window is different and unique. The building was designed by artist Friedrichsreich Hundertwasser, who believed that there are no straight lines in nature. With his co-worker architect Joseph Krawina, he completed the construction in 1986. The apartments and floors inside are just as uneven as the house itself. Since it is still inhabited by regular residents, it can only be seen from the outside. However, opposite the Hundertwasser House is the Hundertwasser Village with a bar and several shops, originally a tyre service that was designed and converted into a shopping centre by “the Austrian Gaudí” five years later. Inside the shopping centre, there are features such as uneven stairs, a bar with water flowing around it and the underground Hundertwasser Toilets. There are many thematic souvenirs to buy. The first floor houses a museum with a collection of Hundertwasser’s paintings for sale and a collection of works by Art Nouveau painter Gustav Klimt, who inspired Hundertwasser’s work. The ground floor is occupied by the Kunst und Café, where visitors can watch a film in which Hundertwasser himself shows around the building.

Useful information for visitors

Address: Kegelgasse 36-38, Vienna
GPS: 48.20951030, 16.39414190

Public transport connections

The closest public transport stops near the Hundertwasser House:

  • Hetzgasse tram stop

Opening hours and admission

The house can only be viewed from the outside. The opposite Hundertwasser Village is open to the public and there is no admission. For up-to-date information about opening hours, visit the official website.

Interesting facts about Hundertwasser House

Originally, the house served to accommodate poor people. The occupants who live in the Hundertwasser House have the right to design the area around their windows to their own taste. There are more than 200 trees growing on the balconies and roof terraces, making the Hundertwasser House a green oasis in the heart of the city. The same type of toilets, designed by the same artist, is also to be found in the town of Kawakawa in New Zealand. 

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