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City guide by local people

Taxi in Vienna

There are a large number of transport services in Vienna. Taxis stays at every major stop, as well as at many other designated places throughout the city. Standard licensed taxi services have taximeters installed in their vehicles and run at fixed prices. In most of them, you can also pay by card, but it is advisable to check this directly with the driver before a ride. Taxiing is a very safe way of transport in Vienna, but of course caution is always appropriate.

The price for a taxi in Vienna varies day and night. During the day, of course, the ride is cheaper, however, night prices differ by only a few percent. The basic fee for using a taxi is € 3.80 and another kilometer costs approx. 1.5 €. As the number of kilometers increases, the price then decreases. The driver is also usually left a given of approx. 10% of the ride price.

Taxi from the airport

Transportation from the airport is provided by several different taxi services. As at most airports, taxis parked directly in front of airport halls are more expensive than those waiting outside the most lucrative areas. Prices of transportation from Schwechat International Airport to the center of Vienna start at around € 25, but the average price is about € 10 higher. The transport time depends on the current traffic density, but under normal conditions it is around 20 minutes.

Taxi from Vienna to Bratislava

Vienna and Bratislava are the two closest capitals in the world, only 64 kilometers apart. The ride between them takes about 45 minutes and taxi transport is very widely used. It is usual to pay for the whole car, regardless of the number of passengers. Prices start at around € 50 per trip between airports. The city centers themselves are more distant from each other, and therefore the price is higher.

Other long-distance connections from Vienna include the Vienna-Budapest and Vienna-Prague routes. Both routes are run by several companies and the difference in prices is significant between them. It is therefore advantageous to compare the currently offered prices before booking and also to order transport in advance.

Alternative taxi services

In addition to the classic taxi services in Vienna, there are also some alternative carriers. The most common are Uber and Bolt. Transportation with these companies is cheaper, but it is necessary to take into account that drivers do not have a taxi license and often drive only as extra income. To order transport, it is necessary to download the application of these carriers to your mobile phone. Financial savings can be up to tens of percent.